Radiation Safety Officer Services

A Client-Focused Radiation Safety Officer

Physics for Imaging provides Radiation Safety Officer services for your facility to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the Radiation Safety Officer and to ensure compliance with National and State regulations. Our RSO services cover numerous responsibilities, including staff training, regular on-site audits, dosimetry, and more. We serve hospitals, ambulatory care clinics, radiology clinics, medical diagnostic imaging centers, and more.

Radiation Safety Officer Services Summary

  • We are familiar with both State and Federal RAM regulations, and we’re dedicated to keeping current with ever-changing requirements
  • We have extensive experience with multi-state operations, mobile operations, PET, PET/CT, and other challenging modalities
  • We maintain excellent relationships with regulators, helping clients overcome roadblocks with licensing, inspection, or enforcement
  • We offer personalized service and unparalleled flexibility in scheduling, billing, and all other areas of the process