X-Ray Shielding Specifications

Detailed Experts in X-Ray Shielding Design

With regards to patient and employee safety, the Board-certified physicists at Physics for Imaging will calculate and design radiation shielding as required by the NCRP 147 and all applicable State and local regulations. We will work with department planners and/or architects to ensure the design meets regulatory requirements prior to construction and verify by protection survey after completion of construction.

X-Ray Shielding Specification Services Summary

  • We understand regulatory requirements for shielding and can provide expert consultation for meeting these requirements
  • We are experienced at providing shielding services across the United States
  • We work directly with planners, architects, and/or contractors to advise on shielding, layout, and construction options
  • We have experienced technologists on staff to advise on floor plans
  • We ensure affordable pricing and convenient scheduling