Safety and Training Services

Knowledgeable Experts in Radiology Safety Training

Physics for Imaging can provide onsite or remote training to your facility personnel to help your organization comply with radiation safety regulatory requirements. We provide training in MRI safety, X-ray safety for both patients and personnel, Radiation Safety for Nuclear Medicine personnel, security, and housekeeping.

Safety and Training Services Summary

  • We assess MRI site layout, access control, and signage to ensure compliance
  • We provide training for your technologist, physician, and ancillary staff
  • We measure area MRI magnetic field strengths to confirm proper zoning
  • We assess policy and procedure documents for any operational gaps
  • We establish and demonstrate a proactive commitment to MRI safety
  • This provides a marketing edge for your facility as a “Certified MRI Safety Program”
  • This also mitigates your facility’s risk exposure