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Michael S. Kelly

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Education:MS in Physics
MS in Physics (1979) University of Louisville
Experience:25 Years in radiation physics and health physics
Certifications:ABR Certified in Diagnostic Radiological Physics 1996
ABHP Certified in Health Physics 1992
Memberships:Health Physics Society
American Association of Physicists in Medicine
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After returning from active duty in the USAF during the Vietnam War in 1970, I began pursuing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physics at the University of Louisville. I receive my BS in Physics in 1973 and began working in a metallurgy lab in Non-destructive Testing using x-ray and radioactive sources, as well as ultrasound.

In 1976 I began to pursue my Masters of Science in Physics from the University of Louisville investigating the use of laser spectrometry for applications in remote sensing at the Moore Observatory. I received my MS Degree in Physics in 1979 from the University of Louisville. I then took a position as a Clinical Engineer in the Biomedical Engineering Department at University of Louisville Hospital.

I began my career as in radiological physics in 1983 in the Radiation Safety Office at the University of Louisville School of Medicine. I became Board Certified in Health Physics (ABHP) in 1992 and in Diagnostic Radiologic Physics (ABR) in 1996. I became the Radiation Safety Officer for the University’s Broad Medical and Broad Academic Radioactive Materials Licenses in 1989.

I retired from the University of Louisville in 2002 and continue working in Medical Physics as a consultant to hospital in Kentucky and Indiana.

Phone: 502-468-6921

Email: michael.s.kelly@att.net

Jodi L. Daves

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Education:MS in Medical Physics
Experience:Diagnostic Physics — 1993-present
Health Physics — 1990-present
herapy Physics — 2000-present
Certifications:Diagnostic Radiological Physics (ABR)
Therapeutic Radiological Physics (ABR)
Memberships:American Association of Physicists in Medicine and National Health Physics Society
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I received my Bachelor's of Science in Biology from Eastern Kentucky University in 1987. I worked as a research technician at Emory University in Nuclear Medicine then eventually wound up at Louisville Hand Surgery performing micro-surgical research. Working with radioactive materials in research got me interested in radiation safety. I started working at the University of Louisville as a Health Physics technician and eventually became Assistant Radiation Safety Officer and interim Radiation Safety Officer. During my position in radiation safety I performed consulting work in radiation safety at other hospitals and facilities and transitioned to RSO at many of those facilities. I also returned to school and obtained my Masters of Science in Medical Physics and became board certified in Diagnostic Physics by the American Board of Radiology in 2000. In 2000 to 2002 I was a resident physicist at the James Graham Brown Cancer Center in Louisville, KY and became board certified in Therapeutic Radiological Physics in 2002. Since this time I have worked as both a Therapy Physicist and a Consulting Diagnostic/Health Physicist to date.

Phone: 502-693-2994

Email: jodidaves@bellsouth.net


Sarah Hughes

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Education: BS in Nuclear Medicine Technology
MS in Physics
Experience:Health Physics - 12 years
Diagnostic Physics - 12 years
Certifications:Diagnostic Radiological Physics (ABR)
Memberships:Health Physics Society
American Association of Physicists in Medicine

I received by Bachelor's of Science in Nuclear Medicine from University of Louisville in 1995. After graduating, I began working in the Radiation Safety Office at U of L and training as a Health Physicist. In 1998 I started working in the Radiation Oncology Department in the James Graham Brown Cancer Center as a Physics Assistant assisting with QC on the HDR, and the brachy therapy procedures. In 2002 I became the Radiation Safety Officer for Jewish Hospital. During this time I also performed consulting work in radiation safety at other hospitals and facilities all over Kentucky and Indiana. I returned to school and obtained my Masters of Science in Physics and became board certified in Diagnostic Physics by the American Board of Radiology in 2008. I have been working as a Diagnostic/Health Physicist to date.

Phone: 502-552-5454

Email: sarahch72@yahoo.com


Jill A. Brislin

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Education: Sts. Mary and Elizabeth School of Radiologic Technology 1986
Indiana University School of Radiation Therapy Technology 1987
Experience:Radiologic Technologist
Radiation Therapist
Medical Dosimetrist
Diagnostic Physics Consultant
Certifications:RT(R) 1986
RT(T) 1987
CMD 1999
Memberships:American Association of Radiologic Technologists
American Society of Radiologic Technology
American Association of Medical Dosimetrists
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I received my Radiologic Technologist certification in 1986 from Sts. Mary and Elizabeth's School of Radiologic Technology. While in school I became interested in a career radiation therapy during a clinical rotation at the James Graham Brown Cancer Center and subsequently enrolled in Indiana University's Radiation Therapist program. I graduated and earned my Radiation Therapist certification in 1987. After 10 years of working as a Radiation Therapist I decided to go into Medical Dosimetry and earned my certification from the Medical Dosimetry Certification Board in 1999. Utilizing my background as a Radiologic Technologist and technical knowledge of radiation therapy physics and radiobiological principles I became interested in Diagnostic Physics. I have been working as a Diagnostic Physics Consultant and Qualified Expert in the state of Kentucky since 2010 and I continue to work as a Certified Medical Dosimetrist in Louisville, KY.

Phone: 502-592-5109

Email: brislin@bellsouth.net


Michael Fletcher

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Education:Attended the University of Louisville
Adjunct Facility SCC Teaching MR Physics
Experience:MR Physics- 30 years in MRI
Certifications:RT(R)(CT)(MR) ARRT
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I started in Healthcare in 1977 at the University of Kentucky Medical Center. Training and working at UK was challenging, as it was a fast paced Level I Trauma Center and is considered the regions best medical care.

I soon mastered all areas of radiography and transferred to Special Procedures. In special procedures my role was assisting the Attending Radiology Professors perform invasive procedures and to perform angiograms. In specials we did everything from percutaneous nephrostomy tubes to myelography and lymphangiograms. Once trained we were also required to do independent digital subtraction angiography using a catheter the technologist placed well into a deep brachiocephalic vein without a Radiologist present. At the time CT was not considered the gold standard for trauma so we performed angiograms, a lot of angiograms. As I took on a more senior role I was also tasked with training Radiology Residents keeping them on task while on call.

In 1987 I went to work for a mobile company doing MRI. I performed all aspects of MR as well as the set-up and run-down of the magnet. At the time most Radiologist were not formerly trained in MR; and they would “learn as you work” along with everybody else. We were all thrown into this working/learning environment together. My role also included explaining to Radiologist the different tissue contrasts and how pathology was related to the different pulse sequences.

In 1989 I started work at a Community Hospital performing x-ray and then CT, while working part-time for a local mobile MR company. In 1993 I started working in MRI full time at a Community Hospital and when the ACR launched the MR Accreditation program in 1997 I learned how to assess the physics of the equipment for the ACR Accreditation.

Since 1997 I have performed MR physics reviews on well over 500 machines and have experience on GE, Siemens, Philips, Hitachi, Toshiba, and Esaote from 0.3T to 3T systems. In 2010 the ACR officially recognized those of us with the minimum experience requirements as a “grandfathered” MR physicist and I exceeded those requirement.

In addition I started the MRI program at St. Catharine College; teaching MR physics, as well as other classes, and remained adjunct faculty until they closed. St. Catharine College had a pass rate for MRI students of close to 100%.

I am trained in all aspects of MRI and MR equipment physics. I also excel at working with Radiologists to accomplish protocol development that fits their needs, while at the same time maintaining patient throughput. I can do application training on GE and Siemens equipment teaching basic to advanced equipment functions and scanning. I also offer yearly training in both CT and MR that meets the Joint Commission as well as the ACR annual training requirements for safety.

Phone: 502-608-8055

Email: mfletch001@gmail.com

Daves and Kelly, Inc. provides proven physics testing and radiology equipment inspections for facilities throughout Louisville, KY and the country.

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